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Chatbot Marketing Case Study – The Creatives 360°

74% of business owners and 69% of customers are feeling satisfied with using the chatbots on the websites to engage with each other, According to Tidio.

And around 62% of users prefer chatbots to engage on any site rather than waiting for a human to respond. 

And only 19% of businesses have integrated chatbots as of now, others are just planning to integrate. If you are also planning to integrate, now is the second best time to integrate (well, the first best time is the past, you missed it). 

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If you have no idea about what a chatbot is. Let me explain to you in a brief. And if you fall under 90% of users who know what’s chatbot marketing? Skip the next section of this article. 

A Brief about Chatbot Marketing 

Chatbots are the software which uses automation to engage with your website visitors or users when you are not there to respond to any request. 

Chatbot marketing can help any kind of business ranging from B2B to B2C and more. Businesses use chatbot marketing to solve some doubts or some specific actions like subscribing to a newsletter, returning a product and much more. Whatever you want to convey to your users, you can deliver your message via chatbots. 

And there are numerous types of chatbots available in the market like chatbots on messaging applications like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc, chatbots on websites, and even on the telephone. And according to the level of artificial intelligence involvement, chatbots are further classified into smart, simple and hybrid chatbots. 

In this article, we are going to discuss website chatbot marketing, a case study on how it helped our agency to boost our conversion rates, and steps to integrate them on your business website to get more conversions. There are several chatbots available on the Market, but we have picked Tidio for our website. And there are some specific reasons why we picked Tidio, which I’ll cover in the later part of this article. 

Now let’s dive into the actual chatbot marketing case study. 

Chatbot marketing case study – The Creatives 360°

Before discussing how our website benefited from chatbot marketing, let me explain briefly about our business to get a better understanding of how chatbot marketing helped us. If you already know us, skip the next paragraph. 

The Creatives 360° – Your digital marketing partner: We are a digital marketing agency based in Sharjah, helping brands, especially startups, to lay a strong foundation for their brand marketing and promotion. We cover all kinds of digital marketing strategies to promote our client’s businesses, and we help them reach more people on the internet. 

So, you know that lead generation is the crucial stage for almost all businesses nowadays including us, especially for b2b businesses. Being a digital marketing agency, we have employed all the different lead generation strategies, but nothing delivered this level of high conversion our chatbots generate. 

chatbots can perform well when you supply them with more traffic. So, we have generated a decent amount of traffic from PPC, social media and search engines to our website. Out of all the traffic we generate, we managed to get at least 10 leads per month from our tidio chatbot on our website. 

Challenges Before Implementing Chatbot Marketing. 

  1. A low number of employees: Like most businesses in Sharjah, we are also a startup, we recently launched our agency in Sharjah. At the initial phase of the startup, we didn’t have enough members on our team to respond to inquiries on emails and outreach, we required one more team member for the support service for our agency. 
  2. Lack of instant support: We have been generating traffic to our landing page through different channels and platforms, we conveyed our message and promotion through our website content. If someone wants to engage, either they’ll call us or email us. Again We needed one dedicated person to respond to the call and emails. Some emails and calls which we received after our office hours were answered the next business day only. 
  3. Not having enough leads: We haven’t gotten enough leads from our paid campaigns, we got a good amount of traffic, but something was lagging in the conversion stage. 

So, like most of the startups out there, we have been facing the above challenges in our agency. 

Results After Chatbot Marketing 

With tidio as our Chatbot platform, we have benefited in numerous ways. 

It reduced our Bounce Rate

One of the major benefits of implementing Chatbot Marketing into our business is, that we have reduced our website bounce rate. The percentage of people bouncing back from our website has been reduced by 35% in the past 6 months. Because people love to engage with our Chatbot and get the most value out of it. 

While our website visitors are engaging with our chatbot, they are spending more time on Google, which indicates to Google that our website has some good content which makes them spend time on our website (and Google) so it will boost our ranking. 

However, don’t over-optimize your website for the sake of SEO, Nowadays google prefers helpful content over SEO content. Check out this article for detailed insights. 

It Supports our Lead Generation Campaigns

Chatbot marketing Supported our existing lead generation campaigns. Over time, Chatbot marketing became our primary lead generation source. We have been generating leads for our services through one unique lead magnet. Now with the help of this Chatbot Marketing, we are pushing more traffic to our lead magnets. 

We Scaled our Customer Support

We have scaled our customer support system, not by hiring extra customer support members, but just by implementing chatbot marketing. After we have embedded the Tidio Chat Bot system on our website, we have configured it with our most common FAQs and directions to our lead magnets. Most of the enquiries from our users are covered within the FAQs we have configured, if some enquiry happened apart from this, Chatbot will notify us, and one dedicated team member will take over that chat instantly. So, hereafter we are not in the need of any extra support person for our team. Which helped us to save a lot of cost on hiring more dedicated support persons. 

We delivered customer engagement 24/7

Since these Chatbots are automated once at initial setup, we don’t need to be physically present in front of the screen to respond to each user’s query. 

We ran PPC ads on different time schedules. Apart from business hours, we can’t respond to those inquiries. Now with chatbot marketing, we can respond to any inquiry anytime with anyone.

Reduced human errors

Since the amount of human involvement in this chatbot marketing is low, the chances of getting a human error are almost nullified.  

Errors can break your business credibility, so don’t take it lightly, make your Chatbot tight so that it serves with zero errors. 

After reading all those ways, how Tidio helped us to generate more conversions for free. I am pretty sure that you are convinced to integrate a chatbot on your website today. If you haven’t chosen your chatbot platform, I can recommend you Tidio itself. Let me explain to you why we chose it. 

How to set up Tidio Chatbot on your website

We have been using the Tidio chatbot on our website for a while. There are two main reasons why we prefer Tidio over other Chatbots on the market. 

Tidio - home page

  1. Seamless integrations: They have partnered with most of the reliable website builders like WordPress, Wix, Shopify, etc. Moreover, it can integrate with other kinds of business tools like email automation, social media, etc. Added to that, we can manage all the conversations and direct messages happening on social media, emails and messaging apps in one place. 
  2. Real-time visitors list: with Tidio, we can monitor our website visitors from various sources, with the contact details and the location of the visitors, browser, operating system, and even the last visited page on our website. This can help us segment and personalize our message and optimise our website for better performance and conversion. 

These are the two major factors, we looked at in the Tidio before we chose it. 

Now, let me explain how to set up a Tidio Chatbot on your website. 

If you have developed your website using WordPress, the process is very simple. Just install the tidio plugin on WordPress and create an account, and then you can access your dashboard, where you can create a chatbot funnel for your website according to your business needs. 

We are having a custom build website using codes, and here I’ll share how to integrate them on your custom HTML or javascript website.

Step 1: Create a Tidio account on and enter the relevant information they will be asking for. 

get started with tidio - page

Step 2: Head over to settings, then channels, then live chat, and then the installation section. (Settings > channels > live chat > installation section) there you can find your unique Tidio code. 

javascript code

Step 3: Copy that code to your clipboard.

Step 4: Open your website back-end and locate the page where you want to integrate this chatbot. (Chatbot marketing on the landing page gives good conversions). Open that page to edit the code. 

Step 5: Locate the </body> tag on the codes and paste the copied javascript code from the Tidio before this </body> tag. 

Step 6: Save this file and check your website now. You Would have successfully integrated the Tidio Chatbot into your website. 

Step 7: They have various templates with them, or you can custom-create a funnel for the chat inside the Tidio. 

Watch the below video to create a funnel on your Tidio account. 

Key Takeaways

62% of users prefer to engage with chatbots rather than waiting for humans. Chatbots are automation software that automatically stimulates the conversation with your website visitors. 

Chatbot marketing can help you when you are facing the following changes

  1. A low number of employees in the support team 
  2. Lack of instant support to your users. 
  3. The low number of website conversion

After effective integration and setup of Chatbot on your website. You can expect,

  1. Reduced Bounce Rate on your website that supports your SEO campaigns
  2. Supports your lead generation campaigns
  3. You can scale your business customer support without hiring an agent
  4. You can engage with your customer – 24/7
  5. You can eliminate most human errors. 

If you still have any doubts about integrating Chatbot on your website, you can contact us via email –, we are helping brands and startups to integrate this chatbot on their website for free


Sasi Ram 

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