how effective is video marketing in 2022
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How Effective is Video Marketing in 2022?

Let me ask you one question. Do you like reading novels? Or watching a movie?

Remember that, Your answer can impact your business growth


If you chose movies, you belong to the majority who like to consume more video content than reading blogs. 

Those who read Blogs, like books. Those who watch videos, like movies. 

Most people like watching movies over reading the same story in a book. People enjoy content in an audio-visual format, rather than text format.

Did you know? 

According to Wyzowl, “86% of marketers say video has helped them generate leads. And 81% of marketers say video has helped them directly to increase the sales”. 

Understand how effective is video marketing
Stats from

Whichever platform you see, you can find videos there. You’ll see videos on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, etc. Moreover, TikTok and Instagram are competing to dominate the short video streaming industry. 

Videos are so powerful Nowadays, whatever you want to convey you can convey them through videos. Just take your phone, take a selfie video of your message and send it to another person. That’s it. Message conveyed. Why write 100s and 1000s of words in a text message, that the other person may hardly read? 

Now, You may ask this, “You are saying videos are the best, then why did you write this blog?”

The answer is simple, I wanted to transfer the blog readers to video content creators. If you take video marketing seriously after reading this blog, my purpose here is served. 

In this blog post, I am gonna take you through how effective is video marketing and tips to make effective video marketing strategies.  

But before that, let me brief you about video marketing. Or you can skip this section and jump to the next section. 

What is a Video Marketing strategy? 

Video marketing is a lucrative strategy, where every marketing message is in video format. From bringing in awareness and building trust, videos can play a huge role in all parts of your business and every stage of your sales funnel. 

In general, I can categorize videos into two types, short form and long form. Short-form videos are reels, youtube shorts, TikTok videos, etc. and long-form content like webinars, youtube videos, course videos, etc. 

Nowadays, short-form video content is trending, even some people are addicted to short videos, and they keep on scrolling on their phones, without knowing that they are wasting their time. 

Let me explain to you the reasons, and how effective is video marketing. 

How effective is Video Marketing?

Video Marketing has less competition

Relatively, videos are less competitive than images or text content, the reason is everyone can create text content, and most marketers are using images and designs as the content, because, it’s easy to create them compared to videos. 

According to Earthweb and Oberlo, there are more than 600 million blogs available on the web whereas only 37 million youtube channels are there. So the competition on videos is relatively lesser than that of blog posts and articles. 

Thus, this is the best time to jump into video marketing campaigns, especially on YouTube, one of the most famous and 2nd most preferred search engines by users. 

However, YouTube has more competition than other video streaming platforms, YouTube videos are most likely to rank on the google search because obviously, Google owns YouTube, right? 

And other video streaming platforms like Twitch and Facebook have even lesser competition than YouTube, so don’t forget to check them out. However, Posting videos on all the platforms may be intimidating, but it can kill your time, if you want to check how effective is video marketing for your business, do your audience research first, and find out where your targeted audience is spending more time. Make use of that platform. And don’t waste your time on platforms where there is no trace of your targeted audience.

Videos have more Engagement 

With a good story and visuals, your users can retain more information on what they saw in the video than what they read in static content. Brand retention is high on the videos over the static content. 

Video views, views over 10 sec, likes, comments, shares, saves, etc. Everything comes under engagement. 

Take “you” as an example, how many blogs you have read, and how many youtube videos you have seen. In the majority of cases, online users tend to watch more youtube videos than blogs or text content. Because video content is easier to consume than blog content.

Video tutorials are easier to follow than text tutorials with visuals, that’s why they have more engagement rate. Moreover, making text content with screenshots to explain a process consumes more time than recording the same in a video. 

That’s why I am recommending you start video production to penetrate your targeted audience base and understand how effective is video marketing. 

Video Marketing can Support SEO campaigns

This is an underrated SEO hack you should know. First, upload your video on your YouTube channel. And embed it on your web pages or blog. 

Now, users can see your youtube videos directly from your blog, this increases the amount of time a user spends on your website and your video has gained a view as well. 

Google likes a website that makes users spend more time on google platforms, google thinks that your website has some valuable content that makes users spend time on it, so it will push your website to the top of the ranking. However, this is just one of 200+ SEO factors google looks at to rank the website. 

This can be done in a minute, check out my blog on “Quick SEO strategies within a day” for more quick SEO strategies for your website.

Videos Build Trust

When you or your brand or your products appear in a video, this can improve the trust and credibility of your brand. Because people can trust you only when they can see you, for that you have to show face, products, etc. 

There is one famous quote, 

People don’t trust business, people trust people. 

And this is one of the reasons, why personal branding is now booming in the industry. 

video marketing statistics
Stats from

You can share your brand story like why you have started this business, how your product or services can help your audience, and your customer’s testimonials and behind the scene clips. With these, you can build a massive amount of trust and credibility for your business. Because with these kinds of videos, you are showing them who you are and where you are, this eliminates the fear of being scammed by some fake companies. 

Once you gain the trust of a potential customer, you are almost there to get a sale. So keep making videos to understand how effective is Video marketing. 

Video marketing: Fast way to consume content 

Sharing a message in a video format is effective in terms of time for both businesses and consumers. 

Take the same blog post as an example, this blog post can take at least 10-15 minutes to read. And 5-10 hours for me to write this blog, I have to do research and all those things. But if I am recording a video, where I can explain all the things I have mentioned in this blog post, it wouldn’t take more than 2-3 hours for me to record a video and all the post-production work. And this video length would be hardly 5-6 minutes, so you can consume this content quickly. 

Moreover, by recording more videos at once, you can save more time. I have seen many business owners spend only 4-5 hours a week recording all the content they’ll need for the next week. By this, you can save a lot of time and can focus on other business activities that bring you more revenue. 

However, the time invested in creating a video depends on the production quality. But if you are just starting on video marketing, I would suggest you focus more time on improving your content quality rather than production quality. If you focus on your production quality, it would take more time, and you can’t spend that much time on video production as a business owner. 

Just take your phone, start recording yourself explaining things you wanted to share with your audience and upload it. That’s it. Don’t aim for perfection, perfection kills your time. 

However, it’s hard, if you want to skim the video content, blog posts are the easiest way to skim content. 

Videos get more social shares

Just imagine, how many times you have shared a blog post and videos.

You would have shared videos more than the blogs and at the same time, you would have received more videos than the blogs from your circle. Like you, most online users love to share more videos with others on social media platforms. 

People love to share videos when it’s filled with values and action steps.  

People are twice as likely to share video content with their friends than any other type of content, including social media posts, blog posts/articles and product pages. – According to Wyzowl

Moreover, Every video streaming platform has the default share button, but for blogging, we have to integrate the sharing options manually. 

Now, you would have a better idea of how effective is video marketing. I hope this blog post is motivated to start creating videos for your business.

Now, let me take you through some tips, to get the most out of video marketing. 

Tips to remember in video marketing

Video marketing itself is more powerful than blogging, and with the following tips, you can make it more powerful to witness how effective is video marketing. 

  • Don’t Focus on Perfection:

Perfection kills your time and effort. Instead of perfection, focus on iteration. Your first focus should be on content quality, not production quality. Good-looking videos with content, which delivers no sense and values, are a waste of time and effort. And users won’t get anything out of it. Production quality can be increased over iteration and time.


All you need is a phone with a camera to record a video, if you are not comfortable coming in front of the camera, use screen recording and voiceover options to record a Video. But I would suggest you come in front of the camera and show your face and break the fear, because, trust is everything in video marketing, if you don’t appear in your videos themselves, it’s of no use.

Don’t give excuses like, I don’t have a great setup to start video marketing, you just need a phone with a camera and internet connection. 

  • Videos on regional languages 

This tip is especially for the B2C business, which operates in a specific area only, like a local business. For those, I would suggest making videos on the regional languages. Recent research shows that content in regional languages performs better in marketing strategies than content in English. 

Because, with content in the regional language, more viewers can relate to your video, and it can reach more people, even those who don’t know English also, find your content useful, and then there is a high chance to share your video. 

First, do your audience research and find out what the most spoken language among them is and start taking videos in the same language. By this, you can stand out from the competition and you can build your community. 

  • Storytelling

Whatever the content format, storytelling is the best way to increase trust and engagement for your content. And with video marketing, it’s much easier and more effective than any other format. Whatever the type of content, try to add a story to it. 

For example, instead of listing all the benefits of Chatbot in a listicle post, insert a character into the content. 

  1. Chatbots help you get more conversation 
  2. How Chatbot helped us to get a 30% conversion rate. 

Which one of the above titles looks good? 

The second one, right? 

Because it has a character and a story of all the things we did with a chatbot to get more conversions. 

So whenever possible, try to insert a story into the content. People love watching stories. 

  • Make more live videos 

One step further, in live videos or webinars, you can directly interact with your audience, which brings in more credibility and trust in you and your business. 

In live videos, you can solve your customer’s queries, you can ask their opinions and can engage more with them. 

live videos

I have seen people closing more sales in a single sales webinar by gaining more trust and reversing the risk factors. 

With all these points, now you would have understood why video content is more effective than blog content. Just start taking action from today, like I said before, take your phone, record a video introducing yourself, what your business sell, and how you can help your customers, and publish the video. I guarantee that you’ll feel motivated to do more videos and each time your video will get more quality. 


Did you know? 86% of Marketers say video content helped them to get more leads. 

And books are like long-form blogs, and movies are like long-form videos. 

Video marketing is one of the lucrative strategies to get more trust and engagement, this supports your sales funnels with more leads. 

How effective is video marketing?

  • Video marketing has less competition than text/ static content. 
  • Videos have more engagement rates. 
  • Video marketing can support website SEO campaigns
  • Video can build trust in your brand and products
  • Video can be consumed and created quickly
  • Videos get more social shares

Tips to remember video marketing

  • Don’t focus on perfection, instead focus on improvement over iteration. 
  • Start creating videos on regional languages. 
  • Start storytelling in your video content.  
  • Make use of live videos and webinars. 

If you still have doubts about how effective is Video marketing and how to start creating videos for your business, contact us through, we are helping brands and businesses to set up a lucrative video marketing strategy that brings in more leads and sales. 


Sasi Ram from The Creatives 360°

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