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9 Quick SEO Strategies for a Day, That Can Boost Your SEO

You might get wondered after reading the title “Quick SEO strategy in a day”. You might think, How could they say, it can be done in a day? SEO takes time, right? 

We also agree that SEO will take time. And it takes at least 6-12 months to rank your website top in Google.  

But, there are several factors and signals that you can optimize in a day that can aid your SEO planning and strategies. Our SEO experts have been doing this quick SEO strategy for our SEO clients. Things we will consider to optimize in a single day of the SEO project,

9 Quick Seo Strategy

Yes, these 9 different optimizations can be done within a day. Time varies depending on the number of web pages on your site and the architecture of your website. Larger your website, the longer it takes to optimize all the web pages. 

Quick SEO Audit 

We will start our project with the Quick SEO audit first. SEO audit is scanning your website for various technical and visual factors that affect the ranking of your website. It acts as the main source for all these changes that have to be corrected before starting the main full-stream SEO strategy. Usually, most of these optimizations that happen on day 1 are taken from the SEO audit. 

You can do it manually when you have all the permissions. Or you can do it with the help of SEO analyzers. There are various Quick SEO audit sites on the web, and you can choose one of them. I’ll recommend using this SEO analyzer or consulting with an SEO expert like us to get a quick and deep SEO audit report and strategy. We offer a free consultation for brands and startups to provide solutions for all SEO problems.  

From the above Quick SEO audit, you can get insights about 100+ factors that affect the ranking of your site like your title length, meta description length, alt text, pages indexed in Google, robot txt, page speed insights, etc. Out of these 100+ factors, we will be focusing on some factors that can be optimized within a day. 

Title Tag Optimization

Most of our clients haven’t optimized their site title length. They have written either their website name as the title or the titles like “Home page”, “services pages”, etc. This is of no use, these titles are not optimized for SEO or user experience. 

The title tag should be optimized in such a way that it helps search engines to rank your site and attract searchers to your sites. The optimal length of the title should be between 55 to 60 characters. Keeping the title between this length is best, so when people see your website in the SERP (search engine ranking page or google results page), there will not be any continuation dots or title breaks like this at the end “…”. 

And there is no exact figure for the title length because the title break also depends on the pixel size of each character. That’s why I would recommend keeping your title between this range of characters. And it is also advised that, include the keyword you wanna rank for. I will explain it in more detail in the upcoming headings. 

Meta Description Optimization

A meta description is a small piece of text that provides a summary of your content inside your website in 155 characters. Its role in ranking your website may not be crucial but has an indirect effect on SEO. But it still helps you to attract people who search for the keywords in the meta description. 

And here, the optimal length would be 155-160 characters. Most of our clients have not written meta descriptions for their sites, in that case, google will automatically fetch some content from your website as the meta description, which might not be the best content with all attractive words and keywords on them. So I would recommend you write a perfect meta description for your site or outsource it to the SEO experts like us. 

You should attract your visitors with your word choices so that it will persuade the people to click your link, And don’t forget to write relevant to your keywords. The main goal of writing your meta description should be to get more clicks on your website.

Keyword Strategy

Keywords, keywords, keywords…

In SEO, you will hear this word everywhere, not only but also in other digital marketing branches like Google Ads, Content Marketing, Youtube, Facebook ads, Social media, etc. 

This quick SEO keyword strategy in a day consists of choosing the keywords from various sources like competitor’s research, basic google search, top articles headline, using some keyword search tools, etc. I have written a separate article on the same – How to conduct an effective SEO keywords strategy. 

Finding and choosing the best keywords has some steps to carry out. I will explain them in detail in an upcoming blog. And once you listed down all the keywords, your potential customer will more likely search for them in search engines. Fill these keywords in your content calendar. 

Say if you write 2 blog posts per week, from the proper keyword strategy, you can get keywords and topics for the next 3-6 months from a day, for your blog. And try to include these keywords in the following places:

  1. Title tags
  2. Meta description tag
  3. URL of the web page
  4. Alt text
  5. Heading H1, H2, and H3 of your content
  6. Content on your web pages
  7. Anchor text, etc

Comment below in this article, if you want a separate article for this keyword strategy.

This is the most important task you should complete in a day. And at least focus on creating the keywords for the next month. 

Alt Texts

When you have done an SEO audit with the SEO analyzer. You would have known that you might have missed adding alt text (short form for alternative text) to some of the images. 

It is a short text description for an image on a website, which you should provide so that it can help people when that particular image can’t be accessed for some reason. Alt text can also help you to rank your images in the image search in Google. Again this task depends on the number of images on your website, the more the number of websites, the longer it will take to write alt text to all the images. According to Moz, the optimal length for the alt text would be 125 characters and below. 

And It is crucial to include your keywords in these alt texts, so the chances of ranking will be higher for your website. On this nite, let’s look at the next Quick SEO strategy. 

Indexing Your Web Pages

This can also be found in the SEO analyzer report. We have found some web page URLs of our clients were not listed on google, this is a risky mistake, you should avoid. What if the most important web page or content is not available on Google so that people also can’t access that page through google search. You might be at risk of losing your potential visitors/clients. 

You can request indexing the URL of the web pages in the google search console if you want them to appear when people search on Google. And you don’t need to index all of your web URLs. The time for all indexing the web pages depends on the number of web pages and blog posts on your website. The more web pages that haven’t been indexed in google, the longer it takes to request indexing all the web pages.

It can be done in simple steps,

  1. Sign in to your Google search console account
  2. Enter the URL of the web page you wanted to appear on the google
  3. The search console will test your URL for any issues, if no issues are found on that page, it will then be queued to indexed. 

Some of the web pages and blog posts might have already been indexed in Google. Request indexing them in the Google search console will help to appear in google search faster. They will add your web page URLs to the priority queue. 

Page Speed Insights

Page speed insights can also be found in the SEO analyzer report. But I’ll recommend you test your website on this tool from google, page speed insights, or GTMetrix, it will display your website score based on loading time, and provide a list of suggestions you should fix or optimize. 

Page speed is a crucial factor for both the SEO and user experience. Your website should load faster. No one will wait for a website that will take more time to load in this fast-moving world. People only spend a max of 3 seconds waiting for the website, if your website hasn’t loaded within that time, the chances of you losing that audience is high. 

Usually, page speed will depend on several factors, like, how heavy is your website, image sizes, mobile-friendly, etc. If you developed your website using WordPress, there are several plugins like WProcket, you can install and optimize several factors suggested by the page speed insights tool to increase your page speed

Now, let’s focus on the technical aspect of the quick SEO strategy in a day.


This is one important aspect of technical & quick SEO Strategy. But don’t get scared when you hear the term technical, it is simple. The robot.txt is the text file you can create, which will instruct the search engine crawlers like google bots to crawl specific pages or all the pages of your website. 

You can allow the pages you wanted to crawl. And you can disallow the specific pages that are not relevant, fewer content pages like “contact page”, which might affect the ranking of your website. 

There are things you should keep in your mind before you can choose between allowing and disallowing the specific pages. We will discuss that in detail in the upcoming articles. If you can’t write a robot.txt file for your website, you have 2 choices, either you can use robot.txt generators that are available on the web or you consult us, and we can create a robot.txt for your web pages.

SEO Strategy Planning

If you have corrected and optimized your website on the above headings from the quick SEO Strategy, and With the keywords, you have filled in the content calendar, most of the SEO strategy is covered. 

The next big parts you should plan on our regular posting and updates on the relevant blog content so that your website will stay updated all the time, and off-page optimizations link building strategies and setting up goals for each content you publish, creating a checklist of the things you should be checking regularly on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, and so on. 

You can start creating plans accordingly. 

Key takeaways from Quick SEO Strategy

So, in this article, we have covered all the factors that can be optimized in a quick SEO strategy within a single day. 

After reading all these points, I would recommend you create a checklist for this quick SEO strategy in a day. And get the things done before EOD. 

SEO doesn’t stop here, there are other things you should be focusing on. Like I said above in the above heading.

For more details about the advanced SEO services, you can contact us, we offer a free consultation for startups and brands to rank higher on google. Click on the below image and start climbing through the search results.

The Creatives 360 offering free consultation services for Quick SEO strategy
If you have any doubts regarding this Quick SEO strategy, you can contact us or comment below in this post. Share this article with persons you think can get help from this article. 



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