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Top 5 Modern Social Media Marketing Trends.

As a leading digital marketing agency based in Sharjah, we at The Creatives 360° understand the importance of staying up-to-date with the modern trends in social media marketing. In this blog, we will explore the top 5 modern social media marketing trends and provide insights and tips for businesses looking to leverage these trends to grow their brand and engage with their audience. From influencer marketing to social listening, we will cover it all.

Influencer Marketing: 

We at The Creatives 360° Digital Marketing are aware of the value of influencer marketing in the social media environment of today. Businesses can use influencers’ engaged fanbases to market their goods or services by collaborating with them. Influencer marketing has been successfully included in the social media plans of our clients, assisting them in building their brands and expanding their audiences. Influencer marketing, in our opinion, will remain a potent tool for companies to engage with their target audience on social media.

Tips for Influencer Marketing:

  • Choose the proper influencer: It’s important to take into account an influencer’s relevance to your brand and the principles they uphold when choosing one with whom to collaborate. Establishing credibility and authenticity by collaboration with influencers who share your brand’s beliefs can be accomplished.
  • Set specific goals and objectives: Prior to launching any influencer marketing campaign, it’s crucial to do so. Whether it’s boosting sales or brand awareness, having a clear goal in mind can help direct your influencer choice and campaign strategy.
  • Collaborate on content: Work with influencers to develop the messaging and creativity rather than dictating the material they produce. This strategy may provide more genuine and compelling material that appeals to both your target audience and the influencer’s audience.

Short-Form Video Content: 

We at The Creatives 360° Digital Marketing have been introducing short-form video content into our clients’ social media initiatives. Short-form videos have developed into a fantastic technique to immediately capture consumers’ attention as platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels gain popularity. We can assist our clients boost interaction, attract traffic, and ultimately accomplish their marketing goals by producing engaging short-form videos.

Tips for Short-Form Video Content: 

  • Keep it brief: Brevity is key in short-form video material. Keep your message brief and clear, concentrating on getting over the most crucial points in a limited amount of time.
  • Short-form video material: It is frequently viewed on mobile devices, thus it’s crucial to optimize your content for this platform. Making sure that your video is set up for vertical viewing and that any text is readable on smaller displays is part of this.
  • Make sure it has a strong visual component: In the realm of short-form video content, images rule. Make sure your movie has eye-catching visuals, animations, and other visual components to make it visually interesting. This can help draw in viewers and keep them interested in your material.

Augmented Reality: 

We are enthused about the rise of augmented reality. Businesses may now employ augmented reality to give their customers rich and interactive experiences thanks to technological improvements. Augmented reality may help our businesses stand out from the crowd and give their customers an exceptional experience by being included in their digital marketing campaigns.

Tips for Augmented Reality: 

  • Select the appropriate platform: There are various platforms for building augmented reality experiences, so it’s critical to pick the one that best suits your requirements. Take into account aspects like cost, usability, and the kinds of experiences the platform can enable.
  • Make it pertinent: Augmented reality (AR) experiences should be pertinent to your brand and the target demographic in order to effectively engage customers. Building experiences around your brand values or product lines might help you connect with your audience more deeply.
  • Provide clear instructions: While AR experiences can be exciting and engaging, they can also be confusing if not implemented properly. Make sure to provide clear instructions on how to use your AR experience, including any necessary downloads or app installations. This can help ensure that your audience has a positive experience with your brand.

Social Commerce:

We at The Creatives 360° Digital Marketing are keeping a careful eye on the social commerce trend. Social media has developed into a potent sales channel for companies as a result of new e-commerce features being introduced by platforms like Instagram and Facebook, Social commerce, which enables companies to market their goods and services directly to their social media audience, will, in our opinion, keep expanding. We can assist our clients in utilizing this development to increase sales and expand their businesses by integrating social commerce into their digital marketing campaigns.

Tips for Social Commerce:

  • Use social media to establish connections with people: Social commerce is all about establishing connections with people, and social media is the ideal channel for this. Utilize your social media platforms to interact with clients, respond to their inquiries, and make tailored recommendations.
  • Make it simple to buy: Customers should have a smooth experience when engaging in social commerce. Ensure that your social commerce platform is simple to use, with an efficient checkout procedure and obvious calls to action.
  • Utilise user-generated material; it may be a potent instrument for promoting social commerce. Encourage your clients to post images and reviews of your goods on social media, and think about showcasing this content on your social commerce platform. This can generate trust with future clients and assist create social proof.

Social Listening: 

We believe that social listening is a trend that is crucial to social media marketing. Businesses can learn more about the wants and preferences of their customers by tracking and examining social media interactions. We believe social listening is an effective tool for companies to develop their offerings, better serve customers, and stay one step ahead of the competition. Social listening may help our clients better understand their target audiences and develop more successful marketing campaigns by integrating them into their social media plans.

Tips for Social Listening: 

  • Watch the correct channels: Social listening means keeping an eye out for mentions of your brand on social media, but it’s crucial to concentrate on the channels that are most pertinent to your company. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn may fall under this category.
  • Act on insights: Social listening can offer insightful information about what consumers are saying about your brand, but it’s crucial to act on this information. Utilize the data you collect to better your products and services, your marketing approach, and your consumer interactions.
  • Engage in real-time communication: Using social listening to communicate with customers in real-time can be a very effective way to forge bonds of trust. When a customer mentions your company on social media, reply to their questions or comments right away. By doing so, you may show your dedication to providing excellent customer service and forge closer ties with your audience.


Ultimately, as a Sharjah-based digital marketing agency, we believe that businesses need to be aware of the most recent developments in social media marketing if they want to succeed in the present digital world. By implementing the right strategies, businesses may engage in conversations with clients, promote brand loyalty, and boost sales. Contact The Creatives 360° for any and all of your social media requirements.

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