Facebook Ads v/s Google Ads: Which Ads Suit Your Business?

Facebook Ads and Google Ads are the two most common names that can be heard in today’s world of digital advertising. In this digital space, advertising a business and helping it reach a huge number of people has widely turned into a competitive field. Both Facebook and Google are platforms that are used by almost all humans daily. Since both these platforms forward the advantage of advertising, there can be a bit of confusion on which platform to choose to advertise your business. 

We are The Creatives 360°, a digital marketing agency in Dubai and we will provide you with a summarized note on how Facebook ads and Google ads differ from each other. Thus helping you understand which platform will suit your business. 

Facebook Ads and Google Ads: A Brief Note

Facebook Ads and Google Ads are online advertising platforms where you can promote your business, its products, and services to the intended audience. Facebook Ads are those advertisements that appear on the Facebook platform. Along with Facebook, the advertisements run on Instagram too.

Google Ads are those advertisements that appear on the Google search engine results pages. Apart from that they can also be seen on websites, YouTube videos, and in-app advertisements. Being a digital marketing agency in Dubai, particularly with hands-on experience in both social media marketing and pay-per-click advertising, will lead you straight into the mechanics of both Facebook and Google Ads.

Facebook Ads v/s Google Ads

Targeting the Audience:

  • Facebook Ads: In Facebook, targeting the desired audience is based on three options: interests, demographics, and behavior. Each option defines different objectives concerning the target audience who are much more likely to be interested in your products and services. This type of advertising is perfect for brand awareness and engagement campaigning, as this will help you to engage the target audience.
  • Google Ads: In Google ads, users are targeted based on the products and services they intend to purchase which are similar to yours, thus leading to higher conversion rates. Google Ads is ideal for businesses that intend to reach out to users who are ready to purchase at the moment.

Ad Formats:

  • Facebook Ads: Facebook provides a wide variety of ad formats such as image ads, video ads, carousel ads, etc thus letting you develop and create beautiful and engaging ads that will help to grab the user’s attention. Facebook ads are a good choice for businesses that want to highlight their brand story.
  • Google Ads: Similar to Facebook, Google ads also provide different forms of ad formats, which include search ads, display ads, video ads, and application ads. Among these ad formats, you can select the one that goes along with your campaign goals. These ads are useful for businesses that are trying to connect with users at various stages of the purchasing process.

Ad Placement:

  • Facebook Ads: For Facebook ads, the placement options or the area where the ads can be noticed are Instagram, Messenger, and Audience network, that is, in short, the meta platform. So these ads are beneficial for businesses that are looking to reach out to users at multiple social media platforms.
  • Google Ads: For Google ads, the placement options are Google Search, Google Display, YouTube, Email, etc. These businesses are very useful for targeting users on various online platforms.

Cost and ROI:

  • Facebook Ads: In general, Facebook ads are more cost-effective than Google ads, particularly for businesses that are concerned about a definite audience. The return on investment or ROI will vary according to the objectives of the campaigns. In turn, if the ads hit the right audience and the campaigns are optimized, you can revive a better and good ROI.
  • Google Ads: For competitive keywords, Google ads can be more cost-effective but when compared to Facebook ads, they are less costly. The PPC method or the Pay-Per-Click method is cost-effective for businesses with high conversion rates. Google ads will provide good ROI if the bid is placed on important keywords and the campaigns are constantly optimized.

Tracking Analytics:

  • Facebook Ads: In Facebook ads, you get a specific idea of the ad performance, audience demographics, and engagement analytics. This is very effective for businesses to track the ad campaign performance and also to optimize the ads based on audience behavior.
  • Google Ads: In Google ads, you can track conversions, ROI, user behavior, etc using tools like Google Analytics. This is very important for businesses to measure the impact of the ads and also to make decisions based on that.

Identifying The Perfect Platform: Facebook Ads or Google Ads

To choose the right Ad platform for your business you have to think about some points with regards to the points made relating to Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

  • Determine your Aim: Get an understanding of how you want to market your business. Which type of ad will benefit you for the same? If you want your business brand to reach and engage a target audience in specific, then you can opt for Facebook ads. With the help of interest, behavior, and demographics your brand will reach the targeted audience. Or if you are looking for users actively involved in finding out about your products and services or in increasing traffic to your website, then you can go for Google ads.
  • Understand your Target Audience: You should analyze your target audience regarding your business. If your target audience is more inclined to the meta platforms like Facebook and Instagram, then Facebook ads can be your choice. If they are more interested in searching for your products or services and are more active on online platforms then you can go for Google ads.
  • Budget: Choose the ad platform carefully by considering the budget it may cost. In the case of Facebook ads, due to the lower cost per click, it might be effective for you with a high cost for awareness ad campaigning. In Google ads, more conversion rates will happen if your keywords are popular enough to get more cost per click.


Facebook ads and Google ads are perfect choices to enhance your business with efficient advertising. However, the correct choice has to be made according to your goals, audience, and budget. Go for the one that sides with your business objectives.

We at The Creatives 360°, one of the best digital marketing agency in Dubai, have supported many businesses to achieve the perfect goals by guiding them to the right audience. Contact us for a free consultation and get to know us more. We will have an open discussion on how to help you choose an effective advertising platform.


How will you help businesses to choose an ad platform?

At The Creatives 360, we will analyze our client’s goals and target audience and will prepare an advertising strategy. We will help to plan the budget, create and optimize ads, evaluate the performance, etc to provide good results. 

How can we build brand awareness? Which platform supports it more?

To build brand awareness, Facebook ads are the best option. Through Facebook ads, we can create ad campaigns, and build awareness with reach, engagement, etc.

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