Update Your SEO Strategy With the Upcoming SEO Trends
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Update Your SEO Strategy With 8 Upcoming SEO Trends

SEO strategy is still the most effective way to get more traffic and leads to a website worldwide. In this article, we’ll be going over all the latest SEO strategy and google algorithm updates regarding SEO to effectively optimize your website and online web activity. This article will help you to position your website on higher rankings on the Google search engine results page (SERP), which results in more growth and more leads for your business. 

SEO Strategy Updates: The Need-to-Know SEO Trends 

Here’s The Creatives 360’s guide on the trends that will inform SEO Strategy in 2022. 

The Role of User Intent 

This is the most recent and trending topic on Google’s algorithm update, called The Helpful Content Update. In this google has advised businesses to focus more on user intent rather than focusing on ranking high on SERP. Be it transactional, commercial, navigational, or informational, Google is working hard to identify the intent of a user’s search and provide them with the closest possible matching information that will provide what they need. 

Understanding what the audience needs and what keywords you are using to reach this is the best and most effective way to get your website towards them on google. Instead of that, optimising the website content by just focusing on the SEO strategy and the purpose of ranking high on google will be ineffective in the long run. 

Only around 20% Noticed Ranking Changes After Google's Helpful Content Update- seo strategy

Quality Content

On auditing the large sites in the google search console, there are high chances of some pages getting this message “crawled, but not indexed” this arises because of the large quantity of content that is similar to other internal pages of your website. Google doesn’t find this content as quality content to rank higher. 

Rather than dumping everything about the business in hundreds of website pages, conducting audience research on what type of content they prefer to consume, what content can gain trust amount them over the business, and how to effectively compile all those information into a small and helpful content format is highly beneficial when it comes to quality content preference. 

When it comes to Search engine optimization, content performance and optimization are very crucial, because, with a large quantity of content on a website, the chances of optimising it will increase and provide more opportunities to rank high on google.  

Localization of SERPs 

Google started to Focus more on creating a fact-oriented SERP (Search engines results page) as the result of more misinformation revolving around the SERP because users are trusting what they see in the site title of the SERP as the facts. This pushes marketers to get a good reputation with Backlinks from industry-relevant and authoritative organisations such as Wikipedia, other wikis, GMB (google my business profile) completion, site markup, knowledge panels, etc. 

From next year Google will focus more on the SERP localised content. which will result in the country-specific content outranking those that used to be top of the SERPs but are more globally focused. This can be achieved by demonstrating the local relevance of your website, which is the key factor when it comes to the localisation of SERP.  

Images & Visual Content 

Sites with unique images will see a large boost in image, product, and normal search in response to user behaviour and intent. Nowadays, generation Z can easily identify the images whether it is a real lifestyle image of the users or just a stock image purchased by businesses. So, sites with unique images will get more visibility on the search, especially images, and products search including the normal user-focused search content on Google. 

 With more advanced data learning and machine learning, Nowadays AI can also help Google to recognize if an image or video is the best result for a user. With Google Lens enables shoppers to look for the products directly from the images or any visual content, essentially reverse engineering the image search feature of google with a solid use case for image optimization. 

SEO strategy and teams should now focus on other search engines as well because one of the google search engine competitors DuckDuckGo continues to grow in popularity among users.


As more SEO professionals worldwide become increasingly Python-savvy, we’ll see more automation, especially in agencies where more tasks will be automated. This includes the likes of content and technical audits, tools for analysis, and other areas of research.

To decrease issues and monitor SEO-related issues on the websites in real-time to provide warnings as soon as they happen, implementing a real-time SEO validation and alert system with the google platform would be highly beneficial. 

When it comes to larger websites at enterprise levels, the need for automation to continuously monitor the site’s performance, and ranking, and rectify the issues related to SEO strategy and others is higher. 

Mobile & User Experience

Sites that are not mobile-friendly are not good websites in Google’s view. Mobile page experience as it relates to core web vitals is leading the change. Based on recent tooling, resources, and updates on google analytics, it’s clear that the entirety of the mobile experience is dominating in prominence. 

Mobile became the most reliable device and used for all stages, from discovery through to post-purchase. Thus shifting focus to how easily users can interact, engage, and utilize your mobile site becomes important and undeniable. This will affect not only mobile UX but Core Web Vitals on mobile, mobile usability, mobile-first indexing, and mobile security, Which google considers while ranking a site. 

Improved Indexing 

Whenever the website content is added, published, updated, or deleted, IndexNow notifies search engines effectively, by enhancing the relationship between SEO professionals and search engines, for the better. 

With advancements in technology, now a website owner doesn’t need to manually edit, check, or monitor the site’s indexing-related works. IndexNow is highly beneficial for all the Marketers out there because it can reduce the time the search bots find the website, crawl and rank content. With IndexNow, we can submit a list of only URLs with changes and/or updates through the API.

The E-A-T Principle

Not only in the blog, but whenever it comes to any content like blog posts, on-page content, Backlinks building, or even technical SEO strategy, it’s highly advisable to demonstrate the EAT on your content. 

E-A-T in SEO stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. 

It covers the crucial parts of a website as far as search engines are concerned. Since trustworthiness is highly important for today’s websites, look for EAT on whatever content you’re building, this acts as useful content with a more authoritative value which marketers are struggling to get over the Backlinks. 

E-A-T can help you rank higher on Google. To do so, you need to ensure you are developing content, link building, online PR, and technical SEO strategy in an effective and white hat SEO way. In addition, keep these 6 Steps in mind when optimizing your content on the website:

  1. Update your web content
  2. Focus on link building and mentions
  3. Generate good reviews
  4. Invest in site security
  5. Optimize the About and Author pages
  6. Make the Contact Us page visible 

Improve Your SEO strategy and Performance with us

This wraps up our take on the SEO marketing trends that will undoubtedly lead to strategy updates for 2022. With these, you’ll be able to improve your ranking via search engines, which forms a crucial part of a brand’s online presence and visibility. 

To improve your SEO efforts and performance, reach out to us at The Creatives 360°. We’d love to discuss the best options for your business and get you ranking higher. 

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